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AvatarThis is not about Alice in Wonderland.. It's all about how we live in her wonderland ! You can being Alice... Lets jump.. not falling !


I noticed an increase in the number of button-up and lace-up granny-styled boots for sale at retailers this past fall and winter. The release of period (albeit not necessarily historically accurate) movies such as Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and the Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes -- combined with the recent tendency of Steampunk meeting the mainstream -- seems likely to result in at least one more season of increased granny-boot availability and popularity.
And I’m more than okay with that. I’ve always loved granny boots. I find the overall style to have a powerful feminine appeal. And it doesn’t hurt that hubby appreciates a well-fitting pair of ankle-hugging granny lace-ups.
Anyway, I’ve consistently been of the opinion that a well-rounded shoe collection should contain at least one pair of lace-up or button-bedecked granny boots. Round or pointed toe is a personal preference, but black or brown is a must for a first pair. Of course, budgets permitting, it’s even better to have two or three: a black leather or suede version, a brown leather that will age and distress with time, and a more frivolous ‘statement pair’ that can steal the show if the occasion calls for it.
Today, I am sharing my quest for a granny boot that leans toward the ‘statement pair’ category.
This pair of black and white attached?-spat granny boots appears near the beginning of the Disney/Burton Alice in Wonderland and is briefly visible as Alice runs and then falls down the rabbit hole
So, here I am attempting to identify these from trailers and press photos; a proposition that is frustrating at best.
So far, the closest I have found to this style are these adorable Fluevogs which, while not a match to the film pair, do at least have the same snappy black and white contrast:

With my luck, the boots found in the film were probably produced specifically for the movie.
So, it’s back to you, our readers: Do you have any clues on whether these are available in the real world?
Any ideas or shopping leads are appreciated.
In the meantime, at least the hunt will give me some time to save up for the Fluevogs if no better alternative is found.
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