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Alice in Wonderland Kid Bedrooms

Alice in Wonderland has been a deep fascination for numerous folks, even more since the new Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp came out! In this new time of fantasy loving teens, any girl would be lucky to have an Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom. This is really a wonderful theme bedroom for teenage girls that are not into frilly and pink. Filled with fantasy and intrigue, an Alice in Wonderland bedroom is one of the best ones that you can produce.

Theme bedrooms are good, but occasionally cutesy cartoons aren’t what you’re searching for. To construct a funky and attractive Alice in Wonderland bedroom, concentrate on the feeling you get from watching the movie. Because the movie can be a dark fantasy, you will not want your Alice in Wonderland decorations to be all cute and childish. Instead, choose items that bring out the dark tone of the movie.
The Alice in Wonderland movie utilizes some good colors that you can attempt for your bedroom. It is possible to paint large purple stripes on the walls. Use 3 or four coordinating colors around the room. To produce a wonderful impact, use a lot of lamps all around the room. You must also use sheets or comforters with deep purple and black swirls. Maintain the eye moving around the room with fantasy capabilities such as movie posters and signed prints. These are simply offered from Amazon or other on line outlets.
You do not have to have a picture of Alice or the Mad Hatter glaring at you from your comforter to have an enjoyable Alice themed bedding set. For a great comforter, go with one that has black, red or purple overtones. Comforters with large blocks of color operate effectively for this. A black and white checked comforter would be excellent, too, since it is possible to take a look at it and take into consideration the chess board inside the movie.
Decide on a couple of good small dark and dirty gothic lamps or lava lamps for a teen’s Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom. You can also use the mushroom lamps that had been so common back inside the 1960’s. These would appear best together with all of your other Alice themed items.
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